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The Grinder

No reality is free, as long
as the higher ups have their way
Living today is slavery, controlled
by money and the infested wart
known as the "trend"

The strong ones keep pushing
and fighting for their dreams
While the weak ones are whipped,
beaten, and mangled joyously by
cash and fads

Men and women, equally weak
in their own way. Women are whores.
They fuck their life away. Men are
self absorbed, indulging themselves
in free prostitution and materials

Everywhere you look is another
symbol, the altars at which we pray.
The check marks on our shoes, the
Shell branding my gasoline, the golden
Arches hanging in the sky

TV infests our minds with it's views on
this life. A communist brainwashing tool.
Manipulating babies with politics, grey sitcoms,
Un-reality TV, and shitty music. All shall hail
This pop culture propaganda

Society has it's cock in the
Grinder, Greedily pushing it further in.
The same cock that raped the Virgin
Mary way back then. I will be the one
to crank the grinder

Fuck this twat society
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