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I am forever more and more disgusted with the way that people treat one another. Over silly little simple things such as race, size, or style. Who cares how I dress? Who cares what color my skin is and why is it any of your buisness if I am a size two or a size twenty-two?! I mean really?

I had a gastric bypass two years ago. I have lost more then half of myself. And the way the GENERAL public (Ie public sevents, cashiers, waitresses, people on the streets) treats me now, compaired to the way I used to get treated when I weighed 360 pounds is astonishingly disgusting.

When your fat people glare...they stare...they snicker. No one watches me eat anymore. No one looks at me funny anymor eif I order a SHIT TON of food. People are generally two times politer and mroe respectful and friendly. Doors get held open for me, when they used to shut in my face. This shit is disgusting!
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