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BEFORE I introduce myself, I'ma go ahead and rant away too, cause I can. :]

I don't really see a point in it, but it's whatever.. Try to pass anyways, it'll be all worth it.
& yeah, on the whole 'it's my life thing'. I'm tired of my parents antagonizing me and whatnot about stupid crud that shouldn't even matter. I learned that school is not my thing. Being under rules is NOT my thing, because I like doing things my own way. Being around my parents it not my thing, because certain stuff I am being held for for no reason, and they're strict as sh!t, with some stuff. I swear it.

S'not like I hate my parents. I know they love me, but I just want them to let me LIVE life the way I WANT TO more than I should be doing now, y'know. . I'm not anti-social or anything. I do have a lovely boyfriend, and friends, but my parents do slow me down sometimes. I don't feel comfortable speaking to my parents about penetration, oral, birth control and stuff. I've been learned that anyways since the age of 10, and all of that is way behind me since I've gone through those types of experiences (hahahaha).. But if I do want to know more things in that cat, or something else, then that's where I turn to my boyfriend, or someone whose older. I've always had older friends/associates, cause it's really annoying hanging around someone under my age, or around sometimes... So no, people say that you should always go to your parents for help, or questions, not all the time.. well not for me.

I'm not saying my parents are BAD people. I'm not an abused child or anything like that, they just don't listen to me as much as I want them to, and i'm also noting the freedom part again, heh.

So yeah, I've made plans to move out already next year and in with my boyfriend, and they basically know this already. My mom always asks me if I want to move out, and I'm always nodding, or vigorously saying yes, and explaining why I want to. It's as simple as that, and there's nothing they can do to stop me really, since I'm 18, and all, and not UNDER their authority when I leave.

I was reading some previous posts, and I think black nail polish is extremely cute, and be worn by anyone, not just the 'goths' of today, c'mon now. I'm black and I'm gonna enjoy wearing since I haven't made much effort to buy any yet, grrr..

I'm very excited, but on to my stuff.

I'm Danielle, Dannie, I'm 18 as you know, and blahblah. I wanna lighten this community up! :]
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